SiC and ceramics: a very effective and durable mixture indeed for knife sharpening. Three years ago I set the following aim: I wanted to create a sharpening material that is able to cope with various types of steel up to around 60+ HRC hardness.

The HAIDU whet stones have successfully been used in this testing period for the following steels both for convex , scandi and traditional edges: N690Co, Sandvic 12C27, VG-10, Uddeholm Sleipner, Arne, N678, Elmax, 8CR13MOV, and various high carbon steels (used in Mora knives up to 61 HR) Also they were applied in free hand sharpening as well as in Edge Pro-style sharpening devices. Besides the effective and fast sharpening the other priority was to create a durable stone with long service life. Based on the feed-back from users we can proudly state that we succeeded to develop an effective whet ceramic stone series. Now based on the requests of the users we renewed our product line in order to provide the same material in a more user friendly size and form range.

The material of our stones is the same in all the size and form categories. The production of all the stones in our product line requires a high amount of hand work, and hence a shorter waiting period can be expected in the case of some rarely requested types.

Attila Balogh

Magyar / English

Good to know

• In order to guarantee the continuous development of our products, I reserve the right to change the form, size and composition of our products without any prior notice. • The surface of the stones due to the baking treatment might slightly differ from being completely plain. In the case of these individual hand honed stones their size might slightly differ from the given specifications. • The surface colour pattern does not affect the grinding properties of our stones. • The size of the abrasive particles is given according to the FEPA standards. Their JIS /Japan Industrial Standard/ equivalent is also given.

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