With the stone ground to a semicircle on one side we can sharpen traditional blades and recurved blades as well. Due to its compact size it can easily be fitted into a backpack pocket, and its form allows it to be held in the hand during sharpening.

The 'S' signed is a bit softer, while the 'H' signed is made with harder material. The 'H' grade equals to the hardness of the formerly produced ceramic rods, and hence this stoone should be mostly applied for removing burr.

The 'S' and 'H' designated stones are white. The 'H'' stone can be used dry, while the 'S' should be used with water or oil. The 'B' signed is a leather tool for deburring.

Size: 160 x 39 x 15mm
Weight: 100g
. / The weight and size may have different little +-

  HCJ180 FEPA F180 grit (JIS#180) 6,00€  
  HCJ280 FEPA F280 grit (JIS#360)
  HCJ400 FEPA F400 grit (JIS#700) 7,90€  
  HCJ600 FEPA F600 grit (JIS#1200) 8,30€  
  HCJ1000 FEPA F1000 grit (JIS#2600) 9,00€  
  HCJ1200 FEPA F1200 grit (JIS#4000) 9,70€  
  HCJ1500 FEPA F1500 grit (JIS#6000) 12,40€  
  HCJS* FEPA F1500 grit (JIS#6000) soft for polishing 9,70€  
  HCJH*FEPA F1500 grit (JIS#6000) hard for deburring, renewing the blade 9,70€  
  HCJB leather tool for deburring
pine wood, double sided cow leather ( one meat side, one skin side)
    * Not contain SiC grit, the gived number show the mesh grit.    
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Good to know

• In order to guarantee the continuous development of our products, I reserve the right to change the form, size and composition of our products without any prior notice. • The surface of the stones due to the baking treatment might slightly differ from being completely plain. In the case of these individual hand honed stones their size might slightly differ from the given specifications. • The surface colour pattern does not affect the grinding properties of our stones. • The size of the abrasive particles is given according to the FEPA standards. Their JIS /Japan Industrial Standard/ equivalent is also given.

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